Mystery, passion, excitement, and simplicity are the new face of Alshamel Travel. This robust identity-marketing campaign redefined corporate, leisure, and luxury travel in the Middle East.

Project Description

Alshamel Travel has been a leading travel management company since 1996. Invested solely in the travel and tourism industry, the company is made up of three core business units: Corporate Travel, Leisure Travel, and Military and Government Travel; however, much of their previous success has been attributed to Military and Government Travel. Alshamel hoped to increase their market penetration in their Corporate and Leisure Travel divisions.

What was needed to achieve this market penetration was a re-invigoration of Alshamel’s Corporate and Leisure visual language, the design of brick and mortar outlets, the launch of a new B-to-C site, and the creation of travel brochures and marketing outreach campaigns to enliven customer awareness. The results speak for themselves.

Project Details

Agency : TWG, New York
Client : Alshamel Travel
Project : Travel On


  • Tertiary Identity
  • In-store Material
  • Image Research
  • Print Collateral
  • Online Advertising
  • Website

The Travel Brochure

Like many international travel agencies, Alshamel’s primary sales tool is the travel brochure. Hoping to bridge the gap between commercial and luxury travel, we created a beautiful sales brochure that remained approachable yet elegant. After surveying their travel portfolio, we conducted detailed image research to strike the right chord and developed a design and layout grid that served the brochures many purposes.

The Website

Alshamel needed a cutting edge online travel booking site, including offerings for airfare, hotel, and car rental that would facilitate both their in-store travel agents and their commercial direct-to-customer clientele. A great deal of care was paid to making each visit to Alshamel’s leisure travel site unique. The background of the landing page randomly changes per-visit to intrigue; on the home page the slider images are content-aware and change dynamically based upon the customer’s desired destination selections.

In-Store Marketing

This playful illustration was created to join the worlds of Corporate and Leisure Travel for Alshamel’s in-store marketing. This piece found a wide variety of homes in brochures, advertisements, signage, and even served as an etching template on glass walls, windows, and metal partitions.

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