Taking a cue from some of the hottest blockbusters ever, this AMC pre-show campaign strikes a familiar tone in a new, playful, and refreshing way. Great design and solid CGI made for a winning production.

Riffing Off of the Greats

The concept behind the new AMC pre-show campaign was nostalgia, a trip back through the great movies in various genres. The content aware nature of each pre-show demanded that each genre of movie needed a unique pre-show package. Intake Studios approached us to help out with some of the toughest and most popular genres in the AMC pre-show line-up—Action/Sci-Fi, Family, and Adult Comedy. Intake’s fantastic creative direction and noteworthy project management led to a smooth and artistically satisfying end-product.

We were specifically tasked with handling all aspects of the 3D visual effects pipeline, from modeling to texturing, rigging to animation, and lighting to shading. We handed off rendered elements to Intake for final composite and color.

Project Details

Production : Intake
Client : AMC
Project : Pre-show


  • CGI
  • Animation
  • VFX
  • Lighting
  • Shading

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