Elegant design, expert directing, and heart-warming stories come together in these etherial spots for Billings Clinic.

Making Everything Come Together

Symptoms become the stuff of memories in Billings Clinic’s “Everything Comes Together” commercial campaign. We worked closely with Trozzolo | Prairie Dog and Rascal’s & Rogue’s, Chicago to produce two beautiful and somewhat haunting spots about injury, recovery, and moving on with life.

Aside from traditional visual effects fare of placing 3D type within the context of a live action plate, these spots posed some rather interesting challenges, especially given the budgetary restraints. At the climax of each spot doctors emerge from the ether and take up a position around the patient. Typically this type of effect is accomplished with a motion control camera recording the main actors at different times with an identical camera move. However, in this case the budget did not allow for that expense. The solution? Careful planning and some uncharacteristically complex visual effects work allowed for the camera to keep moving through the shot, while all the while doctors and nurses appear at the correct time and in alignment with the proper shifting perspective.

Project Details

Agency : Trozollo | Prairie Dog
Client : Billings Clinic
Production : Rascal’s & Rogue’s
Project : Everything Comes Together


  • Visual Effects Supervision
  • Creative Direction
  • Design
  • Animation
  • Compositing & Finishing

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