Bold editorial pacing mixed with conceptual illustions creates an almost zen-like moment, leaving the audience transfixed and St. Joseph Hospital a very happy customer.


“Here’s to the Brain” is about perception, it’s about questioning what you think you see and seeing familiar things in different ways. Trozzolo came to us with the idea of likening the mystery and wonder of the brain to the majesty of nature. What we created were two :30 spots that ask the audience to look within their own consciousness to find themselves in the universe.

A number of visual effects were used in cooperation to achieve the final effect. First matte paintings were completed to set the overall mood. Then computer generated gaseous volumes and particles were created to add depth and dimension. Finally, the transitions into the brain were carefully composited to maximize the shift in perception.

Project Details

Agency : Trozzolo | Prairie Dog
Client : St. Joseph Hospital
Project : Here’s To the Brain


  • Creative Direction
  • Design
  • Animation
  • Visual Effects
  • Compositing

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