When dealing with multiple advertising interests, creative directions tend to diverge. Sharp insight and shrewd creative decisions pulled this experiential project for Major League Baseball out of the fire and brought everyone together.

Intelligent Design

Bazillion pictures brought us in to their Major League Baseball 2012 All Star Game project to help solve a creative stalemate between MLB and the city of Kansas City over the use of KC landmarks in the in-town advertising. Our solution was to use KC landmarks as a more abstract design element rather than a photo-realistic setting for the action. This allowed the local audience to see their home town prominently showcased and also kept Major League Baseball front and center.

Technically we used a combination of live action elements, 2D illustrations, 3D geometry, particle simulations, and even some fluid simulation to get the final look and feel.

Project Details

Production : Bazillion, Kansas City
Client : Major League Baseball
Project: All-star Game


  • Creative Direction
  • Design
  • Illustration
  • Animation
  • VFX
  • Compositing

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