Orbitz “Majest” is a refreshing and suprisingly authentic, emotional exploration of the wonder of travel. “Majesty” stands in stark contrast to what has become an advertising industy dominated by slapstick characters.

A Hope and a Dream

This piece was designed as an adventurous alternative to the more jovial tone of Orbitz primary market competition. ‘Majesty’ explores the journey and discovery of travel. It is a proof of concept both artistically and technically. Artistically, it was an endeavor to mix cgi with live action plates, but at the same time it was a technical trial run at tracking imagery into plates that already had image stabilization warping ‘baked’ into the footage–a technical hurdle that is becoming more common place.

All the footage and the music is owned by the respective copyright holders, and are used here without profit according to Title 17, section 107-118 of the United States Fair Use Copyright Code.The result was a modern and professional sales app, perfect for intimate presentations and also flexible enough to drive presentations in auditorium environments.

Project Details

Client : Orbitz
Project : Majesty


  • Creative Direction
  • Design
  • Illustration
  • Animation
  • Presentation

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