Smooth, modern, imaginitive, and a bit apocolyptic, this launch was Stark Collective’s bold foray into the Kansas City agency market.

The Start of Something New

The Stark Collective is a smart, no-nonsense agency with an original method of generating engaging media for their clients. They needed a launch video that communicated that strategy in an abstract, engaging, but approachable way.

Showcasing the highly conceptual nature of Stark’s creative approach, each element in the final launch video was carefully chosen to acknowledge an aspect of Stark’s creative strategy. The result was a visual effects extravaganza, complete with multi-stage fluid simulations, form-state-change simulations, custom scripts developed to fulfill specific design requirements, and full integration of live-action elements.

Project Details

Production : Bazillion, Kansas City
Client : Stark Collective
Project :
A Stark Launch


  • Concept
  • Creative Direction
  • Animation
  • Visual Effects

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