To accompany an absolutely beautifully designed print campaign, Trozzolo | Prairie Dog contacted us to create a commercial campaign that matched. The result was this lovely and playful set of spots.


The concept behind this campaign was simple: the stuff that makes Kansas great makes Stormont Vail Health great. From this kernel of an idea came a beautiful set of designs, filled with all of the stuff of people’s lives—the day-to-day things, the sentimental things, the simple things. The delightful way that all of the stuff of life was organized came to represent Stormont Vail.

This made for an interesting design challenge, however. How do you make something wonderful out of literally hundreds of seemingly random things. The answer was that nothing could actually be random. Every object was carefully curated, photographed or modeled in CGI, and animated to create marvelous playgrounds in these two spots.

Project Details

Agency : Trozollo | Prairie Dog
Photo Production : Austin Walsh Studios
Client : Stormont Vail Health
Project : Kaleidoscope


  • Creative Direction
  • On-set Supervision
  • Design
  • 3D Modeling
  • Animation
  • Compositing & Finishing

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